We need rehearsal snacks!

Woohoo, it’s time for after school rehearsals! Every day between now and opening night, the students will be rehearsing — running through lines, learning songs, practicing choreography, blocking each number, coordinating with the live orchestra, and getting the technical aspects worked out. Sets are being built (thanks to all the parents & students who came to our work party!), costumes are being chosen, the PR students are drafting press releases and pitching stories to local papers — so much to get done!

In order to do all that, the kids need an energy boost after school. Parents step up to provide nutritious after school snacks that will carry them through each day. We ask all families to sign up for 2-3 days when they can provide snacks for 20 students (multiple families provide snacks each day). The students look forward to this food like you wouldn’t believe, and they are so grateful for it. If your family hasn’t signed up yet, please do so ASAP at SignUpGenius. For ideas of what to bring (and what to NOT bring…) see the “Rehearsal Snacks” tab on this page: Info for Parents. Thanks!

Important Parent Meeting for Spring Musical

Put February 18 on your calendar, parents. This is the meeting you absolutely, positively don’t want to miss. Your child gets credit for you attending, and you get to spend time with us! We’re pretty fun! Whether this is your child’s first year in the Spring Musical, or her last, the parent meeting is the place to be to get all the details of what exactly your kids are going to be consumed by for the next several months. You’ll also get critical details for how¬†you can meet your responsibilities to help us (in a way that works for you). We want you to be in the loop. Specific details to follow as soon as I can wrestle them out of Mr. Hawk.