The Garfield Thespians troupe is the school’s second-largest student organization.

The troupe is run entirely by students, who decide what shows to produce each year. Annually it supports six productions, including the main stage Fall Show.

The five remaining shows are collections of short, student-directed one acts and musical reviews; there are four “Dramatic Paws” productions, and one “Senior Directed One Acts.”

All of Drama Club’s productions are produced, directed, stage managed, and performed by Garfield students. Rehearsals are held during lunch or after school.

Listen to morning announcements for info on Garfield Thespians’ meetings or auditions.

What is a Thespian?
Actors and actresses are called thespians in honor of Thespis, a Greek playwright and performer. Around 535 B.C., Thespis added a new dimension to drama by stepping out of the Greek chorus during a performance and reciting portions of the text alone, becoming the first actor.Thespian Society Logo

What is the International Thespian Society?
The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the honor society for high school theatre students. Membership is granted for work in the theatre arts. Students earn thespian points based on the quality and quantity of work they perform in theatre. Inductees must earn 10 points.

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Each spring the Garfield Theatre students attend the Washington State Thespian Festival. The festival is a place to meet other high school theatre students, attend workshops, showcase talent, and compete for scholarships and awards.