Fall Showcase

This year, amidst Covid-19, we will be doing an Autumn Festival Showcase of student-created Theatre, Improv, Video, Music, and Spoken Word!

    • WATCH Stream @ 7pm on Garfield Stage’s Youtube Channel : Click Here to Watch
    • When is the Showcase? Friday, October 30th @7pm!
  • Watch four independent theatrical one-acts directed by KyRi Miller, Danielle Croom, Owen Montefisher, and Maija Brown! The event will also feature independent music work by Teja Zeribi and Sean Maccarthy-Grant! Our school’s Improv Club will also be performing and sharing their work! Tune in to watch our streamed event on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram! 
Winter Showcase

Interested in writing your own creative piece? We’re collecting student writers to create and share original content!

  • Interested in writing your own, or getting involved in other theatrical elements?
    • email Ms. Gress at NLGress@seattleschools.org for more information!
  • Meet together once a week throughout the month of October to collaborate and structure thematic stories!
  • Share your work and progress with other student writers, storytellers, and creators.
  • Edit and revise your work as it is cast, directed, organized and produced with student performers and video editors throughout the month of November.
  • Watch/Help your story reach a larger audience as part of our Winter Festival Showcase of creative work! (early December)

Children’s Show

This year, as part of our Play Production Class, we will be adapting Children’s Books into Radio Plays to be distributed to local Elementary schools. 

  • Interested in having students teach your elementary school class a Creative Drama lesson? Invite us to play!  
  • We will be distributing Radio Plays this January as part of the classes final project!


The Spring Musical this year is Disney’s The Little Mermaid!  It will be available to stream/watch in late May of 2021!